1.1 Welcome to Zoobe.pk you are directed to go through the term and condition of zoobe.pk before registration which enable you to get access on its website.

1.2 After the accepting term and condition mention in website one can get registration and avail all services of zoobe.pk and got an individual account for seller and buyers either it is in individual or incorporate account.

1.3 You have to Agree to all terms and condition and privacy policy of Zoobe.pk Which is mandatory for its users.

1.4 Zoobe.pk is a multi-vendor platform wherein one can confidently start its business after going through registration process and get its separate identity  on the website.

1.5 Initially Zoobe.pk provides its services in Pakistan however soon it will extend it in international market wherein one can purchase and sell form anwhere any time.

1.6 The Zoobe.pk reserves tight to alter, change, modify or add anything all or any of term and condition with giving any prior notice.

1.7 For placing of order customers provide accurate information which is mandatory for effective delivery of services.

1.8 In case of wrong or fake information the order will be cancelled and registration will be cancelled and account will be block. 

1.9 If a seller send expiry, outdated, wrong, unhygienic, forge, poor quality, low wait, or delay delivery time etc the zoobe.pk will cancelled its registration and block its account.

2.0 Seller and Purchaser can file a complaint to Zoobe.pk for any case regargind, misconduct, ethics, irregularity, illegality, corrupt practice.

2.1 Grocery Item, food and daily routine things can be obtain from its residing region only. For such facilities one can use "Z Mart" services on Zoobe.pk which is available in almost all cities of Pakistan or inder the consideration. Note. For Z Mart facilities selecting reginal city area is mandatary.

2.2 To make a pruchase at Z-mart, the buyer and seller must be from the same city. to ensure timely order delivery. If the product is located in one city and the buyer is placing and order from another city, the site will not allow such order to be completed on Z-mart. That's why buyers and sellers must be from same city to use Z-mart Services.

2.3 At  Z-Mart, you are shopping for groceries and food items. So you will not be able to get anohter order of other category of product until the purchase order at Z-Mart is completed. The process of purchasing Z-Mart items on Zoobe.pk has been kept separate so that purchases can be made form the Z-Mart category in a single order.

2.4 You will receive a discount on delivery charges in the event of an order at Z-Mart.

2.5  Zoobe.pk reserves the right to cancel any order at any time without notice.

2.6 Zoobe.pk reserve the right to take action against anyone who involve any illegal activities against Zoobe.pk or trying to spoil its reputation or making any false propaganda. Basides this Zoobe.pk reserve right to get compensation and and initiate legal proceeding befor the competent court of law.

2.7 Zoobe.pk facilitates consumer for placing of order and delivery service by using appropriate financial plate forms i.e bank, easy paisa, jazz cash etc with prior to the premission of Zoobe.pk

2.8 In case of cyber-crime or criminal infrigement the zoobe.pk is not responsible for any compensation.

For more information email us https://zoobe.pk/contact 


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